The many benefits of Special Needs Trusts can be found throughout this website. But you may be wondering, how does it work?

First, we will need to determine if a Special Needs Trust is right for you.

Oftentimes we will have a conversation with you or your attorney to determine what means-tested benefits you receive, such as Medicaid and SSI. Additionally, under Social Security Administration’s definition, you must have a qualifying disability to be eligible for a Special Needs Trust. If it has been determined that a Special Needs Trust is in your best interest, we will send a Joinder Agreement packet to the address you provide

Second, you complete a Joinder Agreement.

What is a Joinder Agreement? The Joinder Agreement is the legal contract for enrollment into the Pooled Special Needs Trust. By signing the documents, you are allowing us to create a sub-account for the beneficiary in order to disburse funds in accordance with the Master Trust Agreement. Since this is a legal document, we recommend that it is read and understood. If you have questions, contact us or your attorney for clarification. Once completed, please return to our office for processing.for a Special Needs Trust.

Third, the trust waits for funding to be received.

A very common question pertains to the length of time until the trust can be used. This will vary for each individual depending upon your specific case or source of funding. We like to remind clients that the paperwork is the most important step to complete until the funding check is received. Since the funds are normally provided from the proceeds of a lawsuit or from a benefactor, we must wait for checks to be disbursed on the back end. Your patience will be very much appreciated.

Fourth, the trust is funded.

Once we receive the funding check and it has been deposited, your Special Needs Trust has been funded, New Leaf will send a Welcome Packet to your address on file. This packet will have detailed information, including a How To Guide, Welcome Packet Checklist, Disbursement Request forms, etc., that will be beneficial to utilizing your trust. Please return the Welcome Packet Checklist and A Word About Credit Cards in the envelope provided. Your Disbursement Coordinator will contact you during this time to schedule a Welcome Call to answer any questions you may have about how to use the trust. 

Finally, you may begin requesting disbursements.

Once your sub-account has been established, and the Welcome Packet forms have been returned, you are able to begin making disbursement requests! You may submit your requests in writing via facsimile, e-mail, postal mail, or over the phone.

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