About New Leaf National Foundation

The scope of the Foundation:
New Leaf is a national pooled special needs trust company. As a Pooled Special Needs Trust, we can administer trusts for all ages. If the disabled individual is over age 65, some state agencies may impose a transfer penalty for less than fair market value. Please consult your legal professional

Our Mission:
New Leaf is a national organization, guided by its staff and supported by its unpaid volunteer board of directors, solely dedicated to serving the disabled community through outstanding special needs trust management. Our goal is to help our family of beneficiaries maximize settled funds through trust management while maintaining state and federal Medicaid/SSA compliance, with genuine compassion and understanding.

We provide easy access to your trust:
Disbursement requests can be made over the phone, e-mail, postal mail, or by fax.

New Leaf National Foundation is a public charity tax-exempt pursuant to §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to New Leaf National Foundation are tax deductible.