What Can I Buy?

While there are limits, a Special Needs Trust can help to enhance your quality of life. We would love to provide a comprehensive list of items that a Special Needs Trust can pay for. Unfortunately, the federal and state regulations that govern how a Special Needs Trust can be used are so complex that it is impossible to draft an all-inclusive list of what goods and services you can and cannot purchase. We are providing the following list simply to give you an idea how you may be able to use your trust. Just because an item appears on the list does not mean that it will always be allowable or will be allowable in your situation. Different states have different regulations.


– cable TV
– cell phone services
– internet services
– assisted living services
– insurance payments
– hair care
– transportation
– entertainment expenses
– eye and dental care
– tuition to camps, classes, etc.
– auto repair/maintenance
– pet grooming/veterinarian bills
– rehabilitation
– travel expenses
– attorney/accountant/financial planning fees
– music lessons
– therapeutic massages
– home modifications/home improvements
– field trips/day trips, etc.
– seminar expenses
– modifications to make vehicle handicap accessible
– concerts, movies, sporting events, etc.
– HVAC services


– vehicles
– clothing
– furniture
– personal care items
– television/stereo, etc.
– mattress/box springs
– eyeglasses/contacts
– vacations
– hobby supplies
– toys
– essential dietary needs
– computers/software
– pets/pet supplies
– prepaid funeral expenses**
– washer/dryer
– guitar, musical instrument, etc.
– household products
– tools/supplies, etc.
– kitchen appliances/tools
– outdoor grill
– games
– school tuition
– gasoline
– household appliances

*Please Note: If the beneficiary is a minor, certain restrictions may apply. Please contact our office for further information.

Due to federal guidelines found in the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services transmittals and SSA’s P.O.M.S. manual, we cannot pay for a Beneficiary’s funeral or other financial liabilities after he or she has passed away. Your Disbursement Coordinator can assist you with prepaid funeral options.

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